Laboratory of Volcanology معمل علم البراكين لعبة تعليمية

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مجموعة أدوات للتعرف على عالم البراكين الرائع للأطفال، دراسة منزلية، باستخدام النموذج البلاستيكي والأدوات المختلفة، يمكنك إنشاء ثوران بركاني مذهل بأمان تام! بالإضافة إلى كتيب عن أشهر البراكين ومذكرة الصور ولغز جميل

A kit to learn about the fascinating world of volcanoes for kids, educational home schooling, With the plastic model and the various tools, you can create a spectacular eruption in complete safety! In addition, a booklet on the most famous volcanoes, the photo memo and a beautiful puzzle


Box format (cm)
Width : 38.80     Height : 28.50     Depth : 7.85    
Contents and details
Scientific experimentation game - Plastic volcano - Chemical reagents - Syringe - Jars - Shovel - Puzzle - Cards - Illustrated manual
No batteries needed
Complies with the latest safety legislations. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Read the warnings on the package.
Made in Italy
Made in Italy - Item designed and manufactured in certified establishments. Some components may have been produced in other certified establishments outside Italy. Liscianigiochi, S. Atto, Teramo, Ita
Product developed in the Lisciani Centre of Research and Education

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