1 ST Class Chemistry معمل كيمياء الصف الأول

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 معمل للأطفال لإجراء حوالي 50 تجربة ممتعة وآمنة، دراسة منزلية، كل ما تحتاجه للعب: الكواشف وأنابيب الاختبار والمجارف والمزيد

Educational home schooling, a laboratory for kids to carry out some 50 fun and safe experiments. All you need to play: reagents, test tubes, scoops and more!


Box format (cm)
Width : 38.80     Height : 28.50     Depth : 7.85   
Contents and details
Calcium hydroxide- sodium carbonate- tartaric acid- Sodium Thiosulfate- Plastic test tube rack - test tubes - measuring cup - pasteur dropper- tweezers - scoop- coloured cups - gloves and goggles - diary of a Chemist - funnel - special cards- periodic table of the Elements  
No batteries needed
Complies with the latest safety legislations. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Read the warnings on the package.
Made in Italy
Made in Italy - Item designed and manufactured in certified establishments. Some components may have been produced in other certified establishments outside Italy. Liscianigiochi, S. Atto, Teramo, Ita
Product developed in the Lisciani Centre of Research and Education 

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