Echo Pop Alexa | Smart Home Speaker (Arabic & English) Language

Color: Black
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  • Our best-sounding Echo Dot yet: enjoy an improved audio experience compared to any previous Echo Dot with Alexa for clearer vocals, deeper bass, and vibrant sound in any room.

  • Your favorite music and content: play music, audiobooks, podcasts from Anghami and Spotify, and more, or via Bluetooth throughout your home.

  • Ready to help with your daily rituals: ask Alexa to recite the Quran, set prayer alarms, and hear dates in Hijri.

  • Alexa is happy to help: ask Alexa for the weather forecast, to set hands-free timers, get answers to your questions and even tell jokes. Need a few extra minutes in the morning? Just tap your Echo Dot to snooze your alarm.

  • Keep your home comfortable: control compatible smart home devices with your voice and routines triggered by indoor temperature sensors. Create routines to automatically lower the blinds if the inside temperature goes above your comfort zone.

  • Do more with device pairing: fill your home with music using compatible Echo devices in different rooms.

  • Designed to protect your privacy: built with multiple layers of privacy protection and control, including a Microphone Off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.

  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

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